Lady Dew Drop's
Original Creations!

 Each item personally hand knit by Lady Dew Drop.  


Cute as a Button Dolls

$8.00 Each


Specialty Hats

Cute as a Button

Sweet and Sassy

Toddler/Small Child - $12.50 ea.
(Your Choice of Color)


Cabbage Patch Inspired


Child - $15.00 ea.
(Your Choice of Color)



Whimsical Headband
(Your Choice of Color)

Only $12.00




Christmas Bears
(Your Choice of Hat Style)

Only $10.00 for Hat & Bear



Baby Ensemble

36" x 36" Baby Blanket
(Would also make a nice Lap Blanket for Children & Adults)

Baby Hat

Baby Booties

(Also in soft pastel colors
Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green, White, Rainbow


Travel or TV Slippers

Slippers are light in weight & will stretch
Machine washable
Adults - $9.50 a pair
2 for $18.00. 
Good for Home and RV, packing in a Suitcase
or as a Gift. 

 New colors being knit all the time.



Many of you wrote and told me that you wear your slippers so much
they are starting to wear out.
I took your suggestion and have an answer.
I found some great Non-Skid material to sew on to the bottom...

 and now your tootsies....
Will Grab the floor with Gusto!

(Good friend Julienne with her grandson Saul)


Cilantro & Sage

Coffee'n Cream

Midnight Burgundy

Sky Blue & Ocean Blue

Cool Weather House Boots
(Can also be ordered in your choice of color.
E-mail Donna for more information.)

Adults - $18.00
Children - $12.00


Special Edition
Mardi Gras

House Boots


(Including Safety Non-Slip Sole)


Newborn Booties
Green, Rainbow, Pink
Yellow, Blue, White
$7.50 ea.


Purple Tea Cozy with Red Hat
Fits 2-3 cup teapot

Rainbow Teapot Cozy
Fits 2-3 cup teapot

  Tea Cozies can be ordered in your choice of colors.   
E-Mail Donna for more information.


Kitchen Cloths
  100% pure cotton -
Make great gifts. 
Combine Kitchen Cloth with Wooden Spoon
or use as a Face Cloth with a Fancy Bar of Soap.
3 Pak random assortment
- 10 1/2" sq.

Hot Pads
100% pure cotton. 
Knit with two yarns together -
it can also be used as a hot dish trivet.
2 Pak random variegated colors - 7" sq.


Contact - Donna  (Lady Dew Drop) at to order.  Thank you.

When Ordering Slippers - Specify Shoe Size.  Will stretch.
Easy to clean.  Just throw in washer, then in dryer.  Made with acrylic yarn.

Shipping & Handling

Slippers, House Boots, Dolls, Bears, Baby Booties, Baby Hat,
Pocket Hat, Tea Cozy, Kitchen Cloth & Hot Pad Paks.
$2.50 - First item in order.
$1.25 - Each additional item in order.

Baby Blanket $8.00